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How to care for your Vuse ePod 2

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Check out these handy tips to keep your Vuse ePod 2 in tip-top condition. 

New vaping regulations mean that from 21 March 2024 the ePod 2 device will no longer be available for purchase. Find out more about the regulations in effect here.

Vuse NZ - How to care for your Vuse ePod 2

Looking after your ePod 2 is simple and can make it last longer and perform better.

right temperature for your epod 2

1. Keep it in a cool place, like in the shade. Harsh temps like full sun or in snow can shorten battery life.

2. Did you know that completely using up all the charge in a lithium-ion battery can reduce its lifespan if it happens too often? To get the most out of your battery over the long-term, first always charge your vape pen fully before using it and remember to charge your device before the battery completely drains out.

3. If you’re not using your ePod 2 for lengthy periods, store it at half-charge and at room temperature.

4. Getting that burnt taste? It’s either because you’re running low and it’s the wick that’s burning, not the e Liquid. Or you’re taking too many short puffs and the wick hasn’t enough time to soak up more e Liquid. If so, select a new pod or slow down and take your time.

5. Keep your ePod 2 dirt-free and the mouthpiece clean, but don’t use too much water. It’ll mess with the hi-tech electronics inside. A damp cloth will do just fine.

Get the best out of your ePod 2 with these simple tips.