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So, you’re an adult smoker ready to give vaping a go?

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I want to vape to quit. What do I need? You basically only need two things: a vape pen and some eLiquid flavour pods to put in it.

Vuse New Zealand - So, you’re an adult smoker ready to give vaping a go?

I want to vape to quit. What do I need to buy to start vaping?

You basically only need two things: a vaping device, and some eLiquid  or a flavour pod to put in it. The device turns the eLiquid into vapour, so you can inhale it.

There are a variety of different vaping devices available out there, which all have slightly different characteristics. Some of them are ‘closed system’. With these you just pop in a pre-filled eLiquid pod. Others are ‘open system’, which means you pour the eLiquid into a small, refillable tank called a clearomiser.

Some devices are more powerful than others, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. Make sure you are signed up to get our newsletters to stay connected on the latest vape news.

Once you’ve chosen your device, you just need to pick which flavour you want to try first. There are all kinds of Vuse flavours available to purchase. For ex-smokers, a tobacco flavour might work best as these are the most similar to cigarettes. But if you want to try something different we have fruity, cream and mint flavours to try.

The ePod 2 device is available as a Vape Starter Kit that contains vape pen, an eLiquid pod, and a charging cable.

Okay, I’ve got my vape pen and some eLiquid. What do I do now?

Charge your device, pop in the flavour cartridge and start vaping! All our devices come partly charged straight out of the box, but we recommend you charge it fully before use.

All Vuse devices are simple to use, making them a great first vaping device if you are switching from smoking. The ePod 2 is draw activated, while the ePen has a button that starts up the vape. Both options provide plenty of hits per eLiquid pod. The ePod 2 gives roughly 275 puffs per pod and the ePen delivers approximately 200 puffs.

What’s in the vapour?

The vapour is vaporised eLiquid – which basically means eLiquid turned into an aerosol by a heating element in the vaping device. Vuse eLiquids are made from a combination of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), flavourings and nicotine. There’s a fair amount of terminology in the vaping world, all of which you can find in our comprehensive Vaping Glossary. You can also find more answers in the Vuse Introduction to Vaping.


You pick up Vuse products from many places around NZ including supermarkets, dairies, convenience stores, petrol stations, and specialty vape stores. View our stockists to find your nearest location or shop Vuse products online today.