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The quality of Vuse products

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Vuse uses only high quality ingredients.

Vuse NZ - The quality of Vuse products

Vuse uses only high quality ingredients

Vuse ePen eLiquids contain nicotine, water, propylene glycol and glycerol, which are all pharmaceutical grade as defined by the European Pharmacopoeia Standard Monograph, and all sourced within the EU.

Vuse eLiquids also contain food grade flavourings.

"We test our flavours for thermal stability and keep reformulating until they make the grade. I drive our team of flavourists crazy but I won't release anything until I know it’s right." Jonathan Brazier - Flavour development scientist.

We test each batch of eLiquid and ensure it is traceable and tamper-proof

The ePen eLiquids are manufactured in our laboratory in the UK and each batch of eLiquid is individually tested and given a unique number for traceability. The batches are then loaded into sealed, tamper-proof containers before being shipped to our device factory.

We design our products with safety features to protect against over-voltage and over-heating

Over-voltage controls protect you from getting an electrical shock from our devices. Over-heating controls protect against fire and explosion. You can't overcharge our products, when used as instructed, due to a timed cut-off and other safety measures. The Vuse ePen is CE certified and assessed by an independent third party in the UK. Our device complies with the General Product Safety Directive, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), the Low Voltage Directive, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and the Battery Safety Standard.

Enforce strict manufacturing processes and quality controls

Each device has a tracking number indicating its batch and date of manufacture. We check the quality of manufacture throughout the production line. We test devices before they are packed and shipped.


Please note, the Vuse ePen is no longer available in New Zealand. Shop our new ePod 2 vape pen online today.