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Vuse ePod Creamy Mint Vape Starter Kit
Vuse ePod Creamy Mint Vape Starter Kit

Vuse ePod Creamy Mint Vape Starter Kit

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Warm, burnt sweeter notes, balanced by a cool, mint softness. Comes with an ePod 2 vape pen and a pack of Creamy Mint eLiquid pods. 

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Our vape kit comes with a vape pen, a pack of two eLiquid pods, and a magnetic charging cable so you can start your journey to becoming smoke free.

Included in Starter Kit:
1x Vuse ePod 2 Device
1x eLiquid Pods Pack (2 pods in a pack)
1x Magnetic Charging Cable
1x User Guide (Please read before use)

This kit comes with Creamy Mint eLiquid pods with 1.6% (18mg/ml) and 3% nicotine (34mg/ml). Crafted by experts, this eLiquid strength has been designed to deliver a satisfying hit.

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How Vuse vape systems work

Enjoy a simple vaping experience with the Vuse ePod 2 vape pen - just click in an eLiquid pod and take a draw. Once your eLiquid pod runs out, discard it and pop a new one into the vape pen.

The device included in this vape pen starter kit is compatible with all ePod eLiquid pods - choose from over 20 flavours including fruit, mint, cream and tobacco flavours. You can order these flavours separately online or from a range of stores around NZ.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with a Vuse eLiquid flavour or strength you can exchange it. Just get in contact with us, send in the eLiquid and if you’ve met our Satisfaction Guarantee criteria, we’ll provide you with a Vuse eLiquid pack of pods of your choice.

Learn more about the Vuse Satisfaction Guarantee here.*