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Why is My Vape Leaking?

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It happens to all vapers eventually, you pick up your vape device and find traces of e Liquid on it… sigh. But while a leaking vape device sounds problematic, it’s often nothing to worry about. Understanding why your vape device is leaking and how leaks occur can help you fix the problem quickly.

Vuse NZ - Why is My Vape Leaking?

Why do vapes leak?

Leaky vapes are annoying, but they usually only require a quick fix - as long as you know what problems to look out for. So, let’s take a look at the different issues that may arise for open and closed devices and why your vape might be leaking.

Closed system vape device:

If you’ve bought a Vuse device here in NZ, it will be a closed system device. If you’ve found that your closed system vape pen is leaking, it’s most likely due to the way you’re using it. Minor leakage can sometimes occur due to a buildup of condensation. To reduce the condensation, try a gentler puff, and avoid back-puffing on your device. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then it might be time to get a replacement. Our Vuse Go Reload vapes are closed system devices, and if it’s time for a new one, why not grab one of our Ready-To-Vape Kits that include a device and pod for only $9.99.

Open system vape device:

Open devices are a little different to closed devices. If you’ve ever bought an open device from one of our Vuse stores overseas and have found that your open system vape device is leaking, there are many reasons why this could be. It’s normal to find a little e Liquid on the mouthpiece as a result of condensation. However, if your device is wet to the touch this means you have a leaky vape. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons this could occur, and how to resolve them.

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How can I fix my leaky open vape device?1

Wondering how to fix a leaky open vape? Here are some of the problems you could encounter and how to fix them.

You’ve overfilled your vape tank When you refill your vape, ensure you leave an air bubble at the top. This will make a vacuum so you can hit it properly, and the e Liquid doesn’t escape from the air holes.

If you fill it to the brim without leaving an air bubble, it might cause your vape to leak.

You’ve used the wrong e Liquid The type of e Liquid you’re using matters. If you’re using a low-grade e Liquid this could be the reason your vape is leaking. Low-grade e Liquids are sometimes thinner in consistency and therefore can easily leak out of your vape. Choosing a high-grade e Liquid will rectify this issue.

Leave the vape tank standing up - If you’re not using your vape, stand it upright. Keeping your vape upright prevents e Liquid from leaking from the device. It also helps to prevent dust and dirt from getting inside it.

Your rubber seal is broken - The rubber seal on your vape is responsible for sealing your e Liquid inside the device. If you’ve noticed the rubber seal is old or damaged this will prevent your device from making a tight enough seal resulting in a leak. If your seal is broken, replace it with a new one.

Your vape tank is cracked - Minor cracks and damage can be hard to spot. Examine your vape device thoroughly and if you see any damage, you should replace it immediately to prevent further damage and leaks.

You’re using the wrong vape coil, or your vape coil is broken - A cracked, damaged or blocked vape coil could be the reason your vape is leaking. Check your coil, and replace it if it’s damaged. Using the wrong coil for your device could also lead to vape leaking issues, so always ensure you’re using the right coil for your device.

You need to adjust your puffing - If you’re new to vaping, and you’ve found your vape is leaking, your inhalation style may be the issue. When you vape, inhale slowly and softly. Avoid puffing firmly and sharply. Longer, slower puffs will ensure you don’t flood your coil and deliver a smooth hit every time.

Your vape device is old - You may be experiencing a leaky vape if your vape has come to the end of its lifespan. If this is the case, dispose of your vape device responsibly and replace it.
If you have an old Vuse product, you can recycle your vape with RePod, our Vape recycling programme.

aqua vuse reload device, pack shot and e liquid pod on aqua background

If you’ve had enough of your leaky device and the solutions above aren’t working, grab one of our easy to use closed system vape device - the Vuse Go Reload. You can get a device and pod for only $9.99 when you shop our Ready-To-Vape Kits online, or get yours from your local vape shop.


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