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Review Guidelines

We value your opinion and can't wait to hear about all your product experiences. To make sure all of your reviews are published for other shoppers to view, you should comply with the following guidelines when submitting Content:

  • To make your opinion as valuable as possible to other shoppers, make sure you have used the product before submitting your review.
  • Stay on topic. Let us know what you love a little about the product, what you love a lot, and why.
  • Tell us everything. Think about the features and benefits of the product and what you would have wanted to know before purchasing the product yourself.
  • Keep it simple. Not too long, not too short, just enough to help out your fellow shoppers. 70 – 100 words should be sufficient.
  • And please avoid the following:
    • Inappropriate language. Please do not use profanities, racist or sexual slurs, prejudiced, libellous or unlawful comments, or terms of abuse.
    • Data and marketing communications about any company or persons, including yourself. Please do not include names, telephone numbers, email address etc in your review.
    • Mentions of other companies or websites.
    • Non-original material. Please do not post quotes, links or text that you have not written.
    • Statements pertaining to delivery, availability, careers or customer service. Please contact us directly if you have specific feedback or queries. Our Rating & Reviews service is for feedback on product only.
    • Reviews that do not comply with our review guidelines and the Terms of Use.
  • These Review Guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Terms of Use.

Happy Reviewing!