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Better e Liquids. Better vaping. - Vuse NZ

E Cigarettes Info E Cigarettes Info

E Cigarettes Info

Better e Liquids.
Better vaping.

Our range of nicotine strengths means there’s a great vaping experience for everyone.

And you can be confident our top quality vape juice is free of THC and Vitamin E Acetate.

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Vuse NZ -

Pharmaceutical-grade vape juices with food-grade flavourings

Vuse NZ -

Bespoke flavours, specifically formulated for each Vuse device

Vuse NZ -

Tested for thermal stability when vapourised and inhaled


How much are Vuse e Liquids?

Vuse Tobacco e Liquid is $10.99 and all other Vuse ePod e Liquids are $13.99.

Is 2.5% of nicotine a lot in e cigarettes?

Our Vuse e Liquid nicotine salts flavour range comes in 18 mg/ml (1.6%) and 28.5 mg/ml (2.5%). So, 18 mg/ml would be on the lower end of the scale and probably best suited to someone trying to reduce their nicotine intake.

Is 6% nicotine a lot in e cigarettes?

Nicotine is absorbed differently when vaping and affects people at different speeds. If you’re used to nicotine, you might want to start off with something like our 2.5% (28.5 mg/ml) range of e Liquid flavours, as 6% is beyond our range’s current offering.

What nicotine e Liquid level to use?

Your metabolism, which device you’re using and how much vapour you take in per inhalation are all variables that influence how much nicotine you can absorb. With that in mind, it’s probably best for you to trial a lower e Liquid nicotine level first and work out what’s best for you from there.

What nicotine strength to start with?

There are many different factors that play into how much nicotine you can absorb and how quickly it will affect you. We recommend starting with a lower strength flavour and testing it out to see how it works for you, increasing or decreasing to suit.

If you’re new to vaping and want to learn more about e cigarettes,  you can check out our Beginner’s Guide for more info.

*The Vuse Go Reload contains no tobacco and heats an e Liquid instead of burning tobacco. They generate a vapour, less odour, no ash and no tobacco tar. These products are not risk-free and contain nicotine, an addictive substance.