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Our Best Fruit e Liquid Flavours from Vuse NZ

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Are you looking for a refreshingly fruity e Liquid? We have over a dozen fruity flavours - from classics like Original Strawberry to unique combinations like our Iced Mango pods.  

In this article, we’re going to take you through our top 7 best-selling fruit e Liquid flavours so you know what to pick next time you need a fruity hit.  

Vuse NZ - Our Best Fruit e Liquid Flavours from Vuse NZ


  1. 1. Dark Cherry e Liquid Pods 



Available in nicotine strengths:
 1.6%, 3% and 4%

Customer Rating: 4.6/5 

Tasting Notes: Discover new depths of flavour with deep, dark cherry notes and subtle red fruit overtones.  

Great for: If you’re looking for the ultimate fruity flavour, this is for you. Our Dark Cherry e Liquid is the perfect blend of dark cherry notes with subtle red fruit overtones that'll leave you wanting more every time.  

What Our Customers Say:  

Yum Yum, lovely flavour, smooth

Review by Brendan S. Verified Buyer on 10 July  2023

"Yum Yum, lovely flavour, smooth and a very pleasant puff."

2. Original Strawberry e Liquid Pods  

Available in nicotine strengths:  3% and 4%  

Customer Rating: 4.4/5 

Tasting Notes: Strawberries collide with fruity green notes, to perfectly capture the flavour of fruits in season. 

Great for: Looking for the perfect fruity blend that’s on the sweeter side? Try our Original Strawberry, it’s the perfect blend of freshly cut strawberries with subtle tangy notes of green fruits. The perfect puff for those warm summer nights.  

What Our Customers Say:  

Percentage is perfect and strawberry

Review by Storm H. Verified Buyer on 5 August 2023

"Percentage is perfect and strawberry leaves the best aftertaste. These vapes have helped me heaps after kicking cigarettes to the curb.

Thanks heaps"

 3. Berry Mix e Liquid pods 

Available in nicotine strength:
  3% and 4%  

Customer Rating: 4.5/5

Tasting Notes: Berry Mix has been specifically designed to reinvigorate your senses and give your tastebuds a lift with its unique energizing taste.

Great for: A great mix of berry flavours, perfect for summer. 

What Our Customers Say:  

Strong nicotine hit

Review by Violet H. Verified Buyer on 12 June 2023

"Strong nicotine hit, a very sweet taste and a refreshing flavour!"

 4. Crisp Watermelon e Liquid Pods 

Available in nicotine strengths: 3% and 4%. 

Customer Rating: 4.3/5 

Tasting Notes: A refreshing watermelon flavour with a blend of subtle juicy notes.  

Great for: Did somebody say summer? If you’re wanting an e Liquid that feels like summer, this is it. Our Crisp Watermelon e Liquid tastes like a warm summer's day with its refreshing watermelon flavour blended with subtle juicy notes.

What Our Customers Say:  

This is most definitely one

Review by Brad W. Verified Buyer on 27 May 2023

"This is most definitely one of my favs. It gives a great flavour sensation and definitely tastes like watermelon for sure. It's a very light flavour which I do like so hence why it's a favourite of mine. Go on give this flavour a go coz I really do think your going to enjoy the light flavour sensation in your tastebuds just like me."

5. Grape Ice e Liquid pods

Available in nicotine strengths:

Customer Rating: 4.7/5  

Tasting Notes: Dark and intense black grape flavour with an icy cool twist.

Great for: A flavour refresh. The Grape Ice e Liquid flavour is not too sweet and has a refreshing icy finish.

What Our Customers Say:  

Great grape flavour, good hit

Review by Jasmine A. Verified Buyer on 22 Sep June 2023

"Great grape flavour, good hit from being 3%, very smooth and really good value 1900 puffs"

 6. Classic Peach e Liquid pods 


Available in nicotine strength: 3% and 4%

Customer Rating: 4.5/5

Tasting Notes: This unique flavour experience combines velvety white peach with a subtle hint of delicate floral notes.

Great for: A delicious familiar flavour, perfect for summer. Light and refreshing, it leaves a delicate after taste.

What Our Customers Say:  

Peachy keen

Review by Mishayla H. Verified Buyer on 27 April 2023

"Loved this one. Subtle peachy taste, can't really smell it very much, which I like! Would definitely recommend this one especially for a newbie!"

 7. Blueberry Ice e Liquid pods


Available in nicotine strength: 3%

Customer Rating: 4.7/5

Tasting Notes: Cool your tastebuds with a bright blueberry flavour with an icy cool twist.

Great for: Anyone looking for a bright fruit flavour with a chilled finish.

What Our Customers Say:  

Blueberry Ice

Review by Andrea G. Verified Buyer on 15 April 2023

"By far my fave flavour, very lucky to snag some as it seems to be the most popular."


Do fruit vapes have nicotine?  

All Vuse fruit flavours contain nicotine. We understand that every vaper is different which is why our pre-filled e Liquid cartridges come in a range of nicotine strengths: 1.6% (18mg/ml), 1.8% (20mg/ml), 3% (34mg/ml) and 4% (47mg/ml) strength.


Can I still buy fruity flavoured vapes in New Zealand?  

A retailer who is not a Specialist vape retailer must not sell flavours outside of tobacco, mint or menthol. All fruit flavours can be bought from the Vusionry in Newmarket, online at or from selected specialist retailers. 


Do Vuse fruit vape flavours have nic salts?  

Yes, the majority of Vuse fruit flavours contain nic salts. However, our Dark Cherry and Blushed Mango flavours are also available in a Freebase Nicotine formula.



Shop our best-selling Vuse Fruit e Liquid flavours today!  

All Vuse fruit flavours can be purchased at our Vusionry store in Newmarket, selected speciality vape shops and online at If fruit flavours aren’t your thing, Vuse has many more e Liquid flavours for those wanting to try something else - from classic tobacco flavours to mint and cream, you are sure to find something to suit your taste.