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How long does e Liquid last? Vape expiry explained

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Wondering how long e Liquid lasts? We delve into this topic, explaining if e Liquid expires and how to store your pods so they last. Learn more here. 

Vuse NZ - How long does e Liquid last? Vape expiry explained

If you’re wondering how long e Liquid lasts, and if it expires, you’re not the only one. Perhaps you’ve found an e Liquid pod stored away that you’d forgotten about, or you’re thinking of stocking up on your favourite flavours.

In this article we’re going to explore the ins and outs of how long an e Liquid pod can last, and when you should and shouldn’t continue to use your vape.


Does e Liquid expire?

The simple answer is yes. Like all products, e Liquid has a shelf life. But not all e Liquids are created equal. The expiration date of any e Liquid will depend on the brand and the ingredients used to make the product. Many factors come into play when we’re looking at whether an e Liquid is good to use or not, like if the e Liquid has been opened, how it has been stored, and how much nicotine is in the product.


How long does e Liquid last?

How long does e Liquid last?

Before we can ask ourselves this question, we need to check if the e Liquid is sealed, or if it has been opened previously. The average shelf life of an unopened 1.6% (18 mg/ml) and 2.5% (28.5 mg/ml) Vuse e Liquid is 1 year.

If the e Liquid pod has been opened it may have started to oxidise. Oxidation can affect the taste and nicotine content of your pod. You’ll know if your e Liquid is past its best if it has turned brown in colour, lost its flavour, or isn’t giving the experience you’re used to. However, if you have stored it properly it should last 6-8 weeks once opened. All Vuse e Liquids have the expiry date clearly indicated on the packet.


Can I switch flavours without finishing my Vuse e Liquid pod?

Yes. The no-spill design of Vuse e Liquid pods means you can remove them easily and quickly to swap flavours. Just make sure you store the open pod carefully.


Can you vape from a half-full e Liquid pod?

If there are no signs of oxidation in the e Liquid then it’s probably fine to finish a half-full e Liquid pod. However, if you’re not sure how old the pod is or when you last used it, it’s probably best to not use it.


Can you vape an expired e Liquid?

Shelf life is a general guide, not something that is set in stone. However, vaping an expired e Liquid pod won’t be pleasant and is not advised. The flavour may have degraded over time so it won’t be the experience you’re used to. Like all things, use common sense. If it seems off, don’t use it.


How to store e Liquid properly?

Storing your e Liquid properly is easy. Don’t store it in direct sunlight and if you can, keep it in a dark place. Avoiding extreme temperatures and humid environments will also see your e Liquid go further. Storing your pods in a cool or room temperature environment is best.


How to store e Liquid properly?

Enjoy flavourful e Liquids with Vuse

Now that you know the ins and outs of e Liquid pods and how long they can last, the next time you stumble upon an unopened or opened pod, you’ll know what to do.

Need to restock on Vuse e Liquids? Check out our range of Vuse e Liquids - we have over 18 unique flavours from tobacco to fruit, mint and more. If you have more questions, see our Top Vaping Questions article or get in touch with the Vuse team today.