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The Five Best Vape Flavours for Winter

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With winter still around, you may be in search of warmer e Liquid flavours.. In this article we’ve put together a collection of vape flavours to try this winter, from tobacco to mint and fruit options. See our top picks to help get you through the cooler months below!

Vuse NZ - The Five Best Vape Flavours for Winter


Available in nicotine strengths: 2.5% (28.5 mg/ml)
Customer rating: 4.6/5
Tasting notes: Embrace warm, burnt sweeter notes, subtly balanced by a smooth, cool mint softness tumbling through the aftertaste.
Great for: Mint e Liquid lovers who want something fresh yet still creamy for winter.
What our customers say:
A smooth mint flavour. 

Review by Athol R. Verified Buyer on 6 Apr 2022 
“When I was a smoker I preferred to smoke menthol - when moving to vaping I shifted from tobacco menthol to straight mint. This one is one of the best”.
I LOVE this flavour. Nice.

Review by Joanne T. Verified Buyer on 31 Mar 2022

“I LOVE this flavour. Nice fresh mint without being too intense. First mint flavour I've liked more than the fruity ones.”




Available in nicotine strengths: 2.5% (28.5 mg/ml)
Customer rating: 4.3/5
Tasting notes: Stimulate your senses in this multi-layered and bold journey into flavour. Luxuriate in the rich and creamy textures, enjoy the full-bodied hit of sweet tobacco, then delight as the cocoa and freshly roasted coffee overtones immerse your senses.
Great for: Smokers looking to make the switch to vaping in winter with a classic tobacco flavour
What our customers say:

Review by Loren A. Verified Buyer on 9 Mar 2022
“Recommend for those wanting a stronger, almost roasted coffee flavour”.
Liked this. 

Review by Carole on 12 Apr 2022

“Be a good pick for a first time user who wants an easy transition from smoking”.



Available in nicotine strength: 2.5% (28.5 mg/ml)
Customer rating: 4.6/5
Tasting notes: A smooth blend of rich and creamy tobacco flavour.
Great for: Vapers wanting an authentic tobacco taste with a creamy twist.
What our customers say:
Creamy Tobacco

Review by Adam. Verified Buyer on 21 April 2023
This flavour taste great! The smooth vapour is satisfying and also smells nice"




Available in nicotine strengths: 1.6% (18 mg/ml) and 2.5% (28.5 mg/ml)
Customer rating: 4.5/5
Tasting notes: Discover new depths of flavour with this intriguing vape. Deep, dark cherry notes and subtle red fruit overtones combined to deliver a full-on fruity adventure.
Great for: Those looking for a fruit flavoured e Liquid that still packs a punch when it comes to depth of flavour.
What our customers say:
My favourite flavour 

Review by Lachlan G Verified Buyer on 6 Nov 2021
“My favourite flavour since giving up smoking! It's perfect! Amazing flavour, not too harsh but perfect hit.”
So good 

Review by Kayla E. Verified Buyer on 28 Jan 2021

This smells and tastes divine.. so happy with my Vuse and this is my absolute favourite flavour”



Available in nicotine strengths: 1.6% (18 mg/ml) and 2.5% (28.5 mg/ml)
Customer rating: 4.8/5
Tasting notes: Enjoy this smooth, sumptuous vape. Ripe, golden tobacco leaves combined with sweet notes to give you a truly luxurious taste experience.
Great for: Our most popular tobacco e Liquid, this flavour provides a smooth taste for those looking for tobacco vape that can be enjoyed year-round!
What our customers say:
Vuse tobacco 

Review by Giovanni I. Verified Buyer on 24 May 2022
“Excellent...closest vape to a real cigarette, perfect for those who want to quit the ciggies”
This blend is very satisfying 

Review by Susan W. Verified Buyer on 13 May 2022

“This blend is very satisfying. It has a smooth feel without jeopardising the taste. Felt similar to smoking a cigarette.. and the aroma was not overpowering.”


Enjoy the best vape flavours in NZ

Get through the cooler months with winter warming vape flavours you’ll love. All of the satisfying flavours above are compatible with the Vuse Go Reload and ePod 2 vape devices. Don’t have your own device yet? Get a Vuse Go Reload device and a single e Liquid pod for only $9.99 with our Ready to Vape Kits.