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How We Ensure Quality in Our Vape Products

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At Vuse, we offer quality e Liquids in NZ as well as crafting premium vape pens and pods. We believe in using the best possible ingredients and materials in our vape products to ensure the smoothest flavours and best performing devices.

Here are five ways we make sure Vuse stands for quality.

Vuse NZ - How We Ensure Quality in Our Vape Products

1. We only use high quality ingredients in our e Liquids.

We’re very fussy about where the ingredients in our e Liquids come from. We only use ingredients that come from producers we trust, and only use food-grade flavourings.

On top of that, we only use pharmaceutical grade nicotine, and all our e Liquids are made in North America

2. We assess the ingredients in our e Liquids & materials in our devices.

We test our e Liquids at every stage on the production journey. We begin testing ingredient by ingredient, and then we conduct an emissions test on the final e Liquid formulation to demonstrate safety and best in class compliance with the strict EU regulations. We also test all of our device components across the board of electricals compliance, including over-heating/short-circuit protection, anti-leakage, and safety for use with our e Liquids. All of this means Vuse devices proudly carry the RCM tick in New Zealand to demonstrate our local electricals compliance.

3. We test our e Liquid batches & make sure we can trace every single one.

All of our e Liquid pods carry a batch tracking number so we know where and when it was manufactured, and which batch it came from. The same goes for all Vuse devices.

We also ship the batches in sealed, tamper-proof containers for added safety.

The Vuse Standard of Quality


4. The components in our vape pens are chosen & made for quality.

We use specialised resources available to us to confirm that Vuse devices and components are of high quality. That’s why all our vape pods and vape pens in NZ have voltage controls to protect against electric shocks and overheating.

As long as you use them according to the instructions, you don’t need to worry about overcharging any of our vape devices, because they have a timed cut-off function.
The Vuse Standard of Quality

5. We pride ourselves on thorough testing.

We carefully check the quality of manufacture throughout the production line, and test devices before they are packed and shipped. We then give each Vuse device a tracking number so we can trace which batch it comes from. This means that if any of our customers have a problem, however small, we can look into it and rectify it fully.


Enjoy premium e Liquid & vape devices from Vuse

By the time you get a Vuse product, it has been through many checks, tests, and certifications. We employ more than fifty scientists, from toxicologists to medical device manufacturers, to create the best possible vaping products for you.

Order your Vuse vape gear online today or visit a stockist near you for flavourful e Liquid and quality vape devices in New Zealand.