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Best Tobacco e Liquid Flavours

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Looking for a new tobacco vape? In this article, we go through the best tobacco e Liquids from Vuse so you can find your favourite! Find out more here.

Vuse NZ - Best Tobacco e Liquid Flavours

When you’re making the move from cigarettes to vaping, finding the best tobacco e Liquid flavour is a big priority. Many smokers lean towards finding an e Liquid flavour that replicates the authentic tobacco flavour they’re used to, but this is easier said than done. With so many tobacco blends out there, you might need a steer in the right direction to find one that suits your tastes.

Our Vuse flavour experts have created a range of satisfying tobacco flavours that hit the spot every time. Let’s take a look through our top tobacco e Liquid flavours and see what our customers think about each one, so you can find your new favourite.



Available in nicotine strengths: 
1.6% (18mg/ml) and 2.5% (28.5 mg/ml).

Customer rating: 4.8/5

Tasting notes: Enjoy this smooth, sumptuous vape. Ripe, golden tobacco leaves combined with sweet notes to give you a truly luxurious taste experience.

Great for: Vapers looking for the perfect all-rounder. The smooth tobacco notes make this the flavour for any occasion. 

What our customers say:

Tobacco e Liquid

Review by Rachael F. Verified buyer on 28/08/22

“If you' are looking for a smooth blend that isn't harsh on your throat (or super strong) then this is the choice for you”.




Available in nicotine strength: 2.5% (28.5mg/ml).

Customer rating: 4.4/5

Tasting notes:

There is so much to stimulate your senses in this multi-layered and bold journey into flavour. Experience full-bodied tobacco flavour, with cocoa and freshly roasted coffee overtones.

Great for: Those looking for a classic premium tobacco flavour. A go-to vape that provides a satisfying experience every time.

What our customers say:

The Rich Tobacco flavour 10/10

Review by Destine S. Verified Buyer on 15/10/22

A smooth richness which makes it very nice & easy to smoke. Another fine flavour selection of mine




Available in nicotine strength: 2.5% (28.5mg/ml).

Customer rating: 4.4/5

Tasting notes: A smooth blend of rich and creamy tobacco flavour.

Great for: Those looking for a smooth creamy tobacco flavour.

What our customers say:

Review by Rachelle P Verified Buyer on 06/12/22

“Love this flavour, love the creamy taste”


Does tobacco e Liquid contain nicotine salts?

Yes, all Vuse Tobacco e Liquids are Nicotine Salt formulations. To find out more about Vuse Liquids, check out this article What is e Liquid.

Which e Liquid tastes most like a cigarette?

If you’re looking to make the switch, our recommendation would be to start with our Tobacco e Liquid, as it’s the most popular Tobacco flavour from our range. 

Once you’ve found your groove with vaping you can explore all of the other great flavours within our range such as our fruit, mint, cream and menthol flavours.

What is the best tobacco vape?

So we’ve explored our top-rated flavours, and heard what our customers think about each one. You may now be wondering - what is the ultimate best tobacco e Liquid flavour? Well, that’s really up to you and your personal preferences. Vuse has a range of tobacco flavours that all have their own unique flavour profiles. We encourage you to work your way through our tobacco flavour range to find the flavour that suits you best.

Shop quality tobacco vape flavours from Vuse

Our tobacco vape flavours are available at a range of locations. You can find them at dairies, supermarkets, petrol stations and specialist vape retailers across NZ. You can also shop online and have your tobacco vape pods delivered to your door. Find your nearest retailer with our vape store locator.

The tobacco flavours above are compatible with our Vuse Go Reload device or the Vuse Pod 2 vape pen. Don’t have a Vuse device yet? You can purchase these flavours as part of a Ready to Vape Kit, so you’ll get your e Liquid pod and a vape pen in one bundle.