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Our Delivery Policy

1. When did we last update this Delivery Policy?
December 2020

2. About this Delivery Policy
This delivery policy (our Delivery Policy) outlines how British American Tobacco (New Zealand) Limited (BATNZ, we, our, or us) dispatches and delivers any items that you order.

3. How can you contact us?
If you have any questions about your delivery, or this Delivery Policy, you can contact us by:

(a) writing to us at British American Tobacco (New Zealand) Limited
P.O. Box 2618
Auckland 1010
(b) emailing us at
(c) calling us on: 0800 897 369

4. How are our deliveries made?
Deliveries for:

(a) Vuse ePods devices, Vuse ePen devices, or Vuse e-liquids (including cartridges) are made by tracked standard courier deliveries;
(b) Vuse Skins are made by untracked deliveries using NZ Post.

5. What timeframes do we try and meet?
5.1. We aim to:

(a) dispatch your item(s) on the same day that we accept your order; and
(b) deliver:
(i) tracked standard courier orders within one (1) to three (3) working days of dispatch (provided your order is placed before 4pm Monday to Friday); and
(ii) untracked orders within fifteen (15) working days of dispatch.
These dispatch and delivery times are estimates only and are not guaranteed times.

5.2. We are not responsible for dispatch or delivery delays that are outside our control.
5.3. Please contact us if you:

(a) have not received your:
(i) tracked standard courier order within five (5) working days of the date we sent you an email confirming that we have dispatched your order; and
(ii) untracked order within fifteen (15) working days of the date we sent you an email confirming that we have dispatched your order; and
(b) you have not heard from us to explain the delay.

6. What happens if our delivery is delayed?
6.1. If our delivery is delayed, including by an event outside our control, we will:

(a) endeavour to contact you to let you know; and
(b) take steps to minimise the effect of the delay.

6.2. Some of the reasons we may need to delay your delivery include:

(a) technical problems or changes;
(b) to update the item(s) you have ordered to reflect changes in relevant laws or regulatory requirements; or
(c) because the item(s) you have ordered is (or are) out of stock.

6.3. You will have the option to cancel your order (in which case we will refund any payments you have made to the credit or debit card that you used to pay (based on the method that you used to pay)).

7. What addresses do we deliver to?
7.1. We are only able to deliver to:

(a) addresses in New Zealand; and
(b) the address you registered with when you created your account.

7.2. We cannot deliver to P.O. Box addresses.

8. When do you own (and become responsible for) the item(s) you order?
You will own the item(s) you order, and they will become your responsibility, once they have been delivered to your registered delivery address.

9. What information do we require on delivery?
As we are delivering an age-restricted product, our courier will require a signature and ID from an adult (18+) on delivery.

10. What are our standard delivery fees?
Our standard delivery fees are:

(a) $2.99; or
(b) FREE for orders over $50 (including GST and all applicable promotional discounts).