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Get your share of the thousands of Vuse+ points being given away.


Recycling is rewarding with RePod^. Not only are you doing the right thing by ensuring your pods are kept out of landfill, but you can get Vuse+ points just for taking part. You can also earn Vuse+ points by returning your Vuse devices and we do our best to recycle most device parts.

We’ve given away thousands of dollars’ worth of Vuse+ points already. To get your share just recycle your Vuse with RePod*.

For every 20 Vuse e Liquid pods or 4 Vuse vape devices you return to us, we’ll reward you with $10 worth of Vuse+ points.* Just follow these four easy steps.

*T&Cs apply. ^Vuse devices accepted for recycling. However, non-recyclable materials include silicone, rubber, foam and ceramics.


Step 1


Get a RePod freepost bag. You can get these by adding one to your cart when checking out online at If you’re in Auckland, you can grab one from our vape specialty store Vusionry at 270 Broadway, Newmarket.

Step 2


Start collecting your finished Vuse pods until you have a minimum of 20. If you have any Vuse devices, we do our best to recycle most parts. We’ll accept a maximum of 4 Vuse vape devices, per bag.

Step 3


Send the freepost bag back to us in the mail or drop it off at Vusionry.Write your name and email on the bag, then make sure the bag is fully sealed and take a photo of the track & trace barcode. Then put the bag in your local post box and wait for our email confirming we’ve added the Vuse+ points* to your account. If you don’t already have a Vuse account we’ll send you an email to set one up.

Step 4


Relax, we’ll take it from here! *T&Cs apply.


You may be wondering how do you dispose a vape? And what happens to your products after you return them, so we wanted to share the process with you.

Step 1


First, the pods and devices are separated, weighed and counted.

Step 2


They’re then shredded into tiny pieces.

Step 3


All remaining e Liquid is collected in catch-bins and disposed of responsibly.

Step 4


The shredded pods are transferred to separating machines which:

  • Agitate the pieces, forcing them through a magnetised tunnel to remove any metal components.
  • Attempt to remove small, light, non-plastic pieces such as cotton.
Step 5


Any remaining metal amongst the plastic is then manually removed with handheld magnets.

Step 6


All collected metals & batteries are transferred to other recyclers.

Step 7


The remaining plastic is then rinsed to remove any nicotine residue.

Step 8


The dried shredded plastics are then transformed into reusable products.

To date, thanks to the 1,259 customers who’ve returned product through RePod, we’ve diverted over 100,000 pods and devices from landfill. We’ve also turned 60kgs of materials into garden pavers. And that’s just the beginning, we’re actively looking for new innovative opportunities to recycle the remaining materials and products.


Which Vuse products can I send back to be recycled?

The following Vuse products can be returned:

Vuse Go Reload vape pen
ePod 2 vape pens
Vuse e Liquid pods
Vuse Go disposable vape 500 puff
Vuse Go XL disposable vape 1500 puff
Vuse Go 1000 disposable vape pen
Vuse Go 5000 disposable vape box

How many vape products can I send in per bag?

Please follow the guidelines below for the quantities required per freepost bag. If you don’t have this amount of products currently, start collecting your used Vuse products and send them in once you reach this amount.

Vape devices - Maximum of 4 devices per bag.
e Liquid pods - Minimum of 20 pods per bag.

Can I drop my vape products off rather than posting them?

If you want to return your Vuse vape products in person, you can bring them to our vape store, Vusionry: 270 Broadway in Newmarket.