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The pro’s behind your vape, meet our team

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Want to know who creates our e Liquid flavours? Our worldwide experts work together to bring you the best vape NZ-wide. Find out who they are!

Vuse NZ - The pro’s behind your vape, meet our team
Want to know who creates our e Liquid flavours?

Our team is full of worldwide experts who work together to bring you the perfect puff for all your loved Vuse flavours and devices. Find out who they are:

Marina Trani (Global Head of New Categories, R&D)

“We rigorously test every new e Liquid and every new device we develop. Only when we are fully satisfied do we allow it in the market”

Marina’s the one who makes sure the performance and quality of your products are up to the highest standard before they get into your hands.

Dominic Turner (Head of Vapour Product Development New Systems)

“Our team innovate next generation devices and liquids for high quality and performance. Thanks to broad collaboration internally and externally, we strive for a great product experience”

Leading the Research and Development team for vapour systems, Dominic develops new vaping devices and accessories for you and other Vuse vapers around the world. We’re always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Krishna Prasad (Human Studies Manager)

“Consumer exposure to vapour varies depending on the type of e-cigarette device used. Having a clear understanding of these vaping patterns helps us to design risk assessment studies.”

Krishna heads up human studies; this is an interesting one – it’s about understanding how you use and interact with our vaping devices.

Helena Digard (New Categories Applied Science Manager)

“We believe the fundamental science of vaping linked with an understanding of consumer behaviour is key to the innovation of e cigarettes.”

Connecting consumer behaviour and science, Helena manages the development of science platforms for Vuse e cigarettes. We Charge Beyond on technology, developing platforms to innovate vape devices.

George Mclachlan (Liquid Development Executive)

“It is very challenging to develop an e Liquid that complies with all our quality requirements and yet tastes great, but this challenge makes it even more rewarding when we succeed in developing a winning formulation.”

George is the man that makes sure all our e Liquids meet our high standards and deliver satisfaction when it comes to quality and sensory performance. We know that this is what you’re after in an e Liquid.

Tony Comerford (Products Insights Manager)

“As individuals, vapers have personal preferences when it comes to product complexity or sensorial satisfaction. Identifying and understanding these ensures we develop products that delight consumers!”

Tony’s aim is to delight customers and make sure that both technology and you, the Vuse user, are at the heart and soul of product development. We’re for the pursuit of your delight.

Chris Wright (Head of Analytical Science)

“You are at the core of everything we do. That’s why our technical, scientific and engineering experts carefully craft our vaping devices and e Liquid pods, extensively testing them before they reach you.”

We develop new Vuse vapes to give you something fresh, but we need to test. And test. And test. Chris manages dedicated labs that develop and advance testing techniques for the characterisation of the vapour of products being developed.

Now that you’ve read about Vuse e Liquids and how they’re made, try them all now.