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Learn about the experiences of smokers that have made the switch to vaping

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Quitting smoking can be an emotional journey. So it can be very helpful to read about what to look out for when your looking for the best vape NZ-wide.

Vuse NZ - Learn about the experiences of smokers that have made the switch to vaping

Quitting smoking can be an emotional journey.

So it can be very helpful to read about other people’s experiences to help with your journey and what to look out for when your looking for the best vape NZ-wide. 

Here we’ve shared the feedback from some of our customers on how Vuse has helped them switch to vaping e Liquids.


Meet Tyler 

who recommends the Tobacco e Liquid flavour

The thing I found most effective was the nicotine hit as its more effective than the vape I had, plus it doesn't smell nor does it create big clouds of smoke. It really helped me quit smoking. Great taste and great all round experience. Would highly recommend! 


Meet Kacie

Going strong for the last three months!

Super easy to use and love how small and light weight the ePod is. Was my first vape brand I ever tried and will be sticking with it. Also helped me quit smoking immediately and don’t even feel like a smoke anymore. I have been using for about 3 months now. Love it!


Meet Kathryn

Smoker for 24 years

I have tried various other brands of vape and all have been unsuccessful in helping me quit smoking. As a smoker for 24 years giving up is hard. Vuse is changing this for me. I have already cut back by half my usual daily amount. Thank you Vuse. With your help I know I can quit.


Meet Teola

7 days smoke free


I'm trying to quit smoking and the ePod vape is really helping. I've even got my Mum’s partner vaping now. Just trying to get my Mum on the vape. I don't think I'll go back smoking and vape is cheaper.


Meet Seini

A heavy smoker since 16

The best vape I’ve ever had! And when the vapes first came out I thought I’d give it a go. I spent hundreds of dollars on different types of vapes but I was still craving for a cigarette. Last year in December I tried the ePod and was like WOW! It actually gave me a good hit. So I went out and bought one for myself. Since New Year’s Day I have not had a smoke! I’ve gotten a lot of my family into it and they too have quit smoking. I always recommend the ePod to anyone that’s wanting to try an alternative to a cigarette. I have 3 at the moment.


Meet Sarah

Rather use her Vuse than smoke a ciggie

The ePod device to help quit smoking. I have been a heavy smoker for over 15 years! I thought I would try to quit and see if I liked vaping - it worked! I had a ciggie and it was not the same after 2 months! 


Meet Taylor

$20 a fortnight is cheaper than $60 a week

I got mine 2 weeks ago, and around that time I brought a 30g pouch and till this day I still have my pouch (I have smoked a few from my pouch). My ePod has helped me so much from helping me quit smoking and the ePod isn’t too strong or not strong enough, its light and is easier and faster than having to light a cigarette.


Meet Josie

who has been a smoker for 35 years

I would give up then after a few months would start again. I have been using the ePod for a few months now and am not even interested in cigarettes anymore. Thank you for making it so easy to quit smoking.

How has your quit smoking journey been? Have you made the switch to vaping? If you want more information, check out our Beginners Guide to Vaping. If you want to start your journey to being smoke-free straight-away add the Vuse Go Reload to your cart now.