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How to Choose the Right Nic Salt Strength

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You’ve decided to make the switch from smoking to vaping, but don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing the right nicotine strength. Here, we’ll go over different nic salt strengths, what they could mean for you, and how to find the best nic salt flavours for you.

Vuse NZ - How to Choose the Right Nic Salt Strength

Vape Nicotine Level Guide  

Different smokers may want or require different nic strengths to help make a smooth transition from smoking to vaping. On 21 March 2024 new vaping regulations came into place, meaning 28.5 mg/ml is the highest nic salt strength available for sale in NZ for reusable vapes.  
Here at Vuse, we offer two e Liquid strength options in our reusable range for those looking to make the switch, in over 18 different flavours: 

Nic Salt Strength Guide 

18 mg/ml (1.6%) - recommended for light smokers 

28.5 mg/ml (2.5%) - recommended for regular or heavy smokers 

Nic salt strength guide

Which Nic Salt Strength should I use? 

Firstly, it can help to identify what kind of smoker you are - are you a light, regular or heavy smoker? From here, we can help you find a nic salt strength to suit.  

Here’s a rough outline. 

Light Smokers 

On average, a light smoker could be classified as someone who smokes anywhere between 5 and 10 cigarettes in a day1, but usually towards the lower end of that range. We would recommend light smokers try our 18 mg/ml nic salt e Liquids first. If this strength doesn’t feel enough within 2-3 puffs, consider moving to 28.5 mg/ml. 

Regular Smokers 

A 10+ cigarette a day smoker might be considered a regular smoker. We would recommend our 28.5 mg/ml e Liquid for a smoker in this range to try.

Heavy Smokers 

If you’re a smoker who smokes considerably more than 15 a day, you could be considered a heavy smoker. With 28.5 mg/ml being the highest nic strength available in NZ, we would recommend you try this first. 

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Finding The Best Nic Salt Flavour For You 

With the right strength level, your cravings should be easier to manage. But the right flavour may also help.  

We have over 18 flavours to choose from, with options to fit most flavour preferences. If you’re a tobacco smoker, how about our classic Tobacco e Liquid, or try something new like our full-bodied, roasted Spice Tobacco flavour or the smooth and creamy flavour of Cream Tobacco. 
If mint and menthol flavours are more up your alley, we have our popular Mint e Liquid flavour, and mint with an icy cool twist with our Mint Menthol e Liquid. Plus more minty fresh flavours like Cream Mint, Spearmint and Spearmint Menthol to try. Browse all our mint and menthol e Liquid flavours here. 

The first step is to look through everything on offer, and figure out what will cater to your tastes, and then it may help you to try a few to make sure it’s a good fit. Check out our full range of nic salt e Liquids here. 

Getting Started

If you’d like to learn more about making the switch to vaping, have a read of our article beginners guide to vaping. 

If you’re ready to make the change, the easiest way to get started is with one of our Ready-To-Vape Kits. For only $9.99, they include a Vuse Go Reload and an e Liquid pod, in a selection of four different flavours. 

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