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Why is vaping effective at helping people to quit smoking?

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Every journey starts with a single step - especially when you’re trying to give up smoking.

Vuse NZ - Why is vaping effective at helping people to quit smoking?

Every journey starts with a single step - especially when you’re trying to give up smoking. For most this is a journey that can take several months or even years.

Methods to help smokers walk away from cigarettes, such as nicotine patches, have been around for decades and now it seems that with evolving technology, such as e cigarettes or vapes, these tools may be contributing to the global decline in smoking rates.(1)

Vaping and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

When it comes to Nicotine Replacement Therapy (the use of nicotine gum, patches or lozenges) as an alternative to cigarettes, recent studies suggest that vape pens and e cigarettes are more successful than NRT in stopping smoking. (2,3)

In addition, research from a 2019 New Zealand study at the Auckland University suggested that hundreds of thousands of smokers worldwide could potentially be able to successfully quit smoking cigarettes, if they used e cigarettes that contain nicotine, together with nicotine patches.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

The results were published in the medical journal The Lancet Respiratory Medicine and showed that out of a group of 1,124 adult Kiwi participants, those using nicotine patches along with an 18mg nicotine vape, were more likely to have gone without smoking for six months following the treatment(4). The study randomly split the group into three and tested the effects on smoking cessation of using only a nicotine patch; versus a nicotine patch plus a nicotine-free e cigarette and then a nicotine patch plus an e cigarette with 18mg of nicotine.

A switch to vaping can also help you save

Smoking cigarettes is a very costly habit with ever increasing prices and taxes being added to the product. The average smoker could save up to $5,000 per year by switching to Vuse(5). Calculate how much you could save by switching from smoking to Vuse, based on your specific consumption with our cost saving calculator.

Quit smoking

New vaping technology

Widespread research into improving vaping tools and methods have been ongoing globally with new iterations of e cigarettes, devices and e Liquids proving better than the last.  Vuse uses a wide range of analytical techniques and specialised scientific technology in their vape labs to test and manufacture the best product for the end-user.

Vaping or using a vape device closely mimics smoking

Using a vape device gives smokers an experience that resembles smoking a normal cigarette. This enables them to feel more encouraged to make the switch to vaping and quit cigarettes altogether. As well as maintaining the hand to mouth action of smoking, vapes that use a nicotine salt e Liquid formula further mimic the effects of having a cigarette. This is because nicotine in “salt” form is more stable and generally delivers a smoother throat sensation. 


Sound good?  Here’s how you could make the switch

Explore the range of Vuse vape pensReady to Vape Kits and e Liquid flavours online. If you have any further questions, check out the FAQs section. Alternatively, call the customer care team on 0800 897 369 or email them on info.nz@vuse.com. If you’re based in Auckland you can also pop into the Vusionry vape store at 270 Broadway in Newmarket.


Quit smoking

If you are worried about the effects of smoking on your health, the best option is to quit smoking altogether. If you are not currently a smoker, we recommend that you do not start to smoke or vape at all.



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